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Vipole was born from the passion of founder Nicola Vidale, an expert in the anatomical and physiological benefits that can be derived from the use of technical walking poles and an interpreter of a new construction method. The specialized and exclusive technical know-how, typical Italian design, and the use of superior quality pole materials represent Vipole’s unique and distinctive heritage. Today, Vipole offers a full range of products and technical solutions to meet the needs of different markets by dividing their production between the use of aluminum and carbon materials. Notably, all Vipole products have common exclusive security solutions, which have always been at the core of the company’s mission. Furthermore, a strong commitment to investing in research and innovation has allowed Vipole to develop the Nordic Power collection, which represents the new frontier of Nordic walking by combining the highest technology with intense muscle strengthening.

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Nordic walking support Wing Tip

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Ttip dedicated to the most demanding Nordic walkers with the characteristic aerodynamic shaped fin and chisel tip to ensure precise use of the stick and perfect grip on all types of terrain. (1 pair set).

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