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Bipod KONG GRIZZLY, used as a component of a retrieval system,  allows lifting and lowering of loads.

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Rock Piton PORTHOS Soft - KONG
  • Rock Piton PORTHOS Soft - KONG

Rock Piton PORTHOS Soft


Universal rock piton - Soft Steel C40


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Universal rock piton of carbon steel that may deform following the shape of the crack, ideal for brittle and limestone rocks.

The length marked on the piton head is in cm.

Available in 2 sizes:

  • 75 mm.;
  • 95 mm.

Using a hammer, insert the most suitable piton into the crack until the head.

Warning: hammer only on piton head.

To take off an inserted piton: hammer gently side by side to move it; then extract it using a chain of connectors insert in the hammer hole.

Life span of anchorages inserted into rocks may be calculated:

  • Pitons made of carbon or Ni Cr steel: 2 years or when red rust appears;
  • anchorages made of stainless steel: 4 years.

Warning: salt environments, low altitude and acid rains may greatly decrease life span (even to 1/4 of indicated one).

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Rock Piton PORTHOS Soft

Rock Piton PORTHOS Soft

Universal rock piton - Soft Steel C40

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