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Satellite Antenna V8100N

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With DVBS2 FullHD 4K system, they allow viewing of 4K channels on enabled decoders. They are built to offer exceptional signal reception performance and reduced energy consumption.

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Set composed by a Harken Access Manual 500 winch, a 10-hole BigRig plate and a stainless steel mobile jaw which allows the system to be mounted on tubular structures with a diameter from 48 to 50 mm (a minimum resistance of 12 kN is required), on the 4D POLE and on the CEVEDALE tripods series.

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FA-15 Billboard


F.I.E. electronic signalling units and recording apparatures for fencing 3 weapons.


    • FIE certified.
    • Several data displayed: scorer, chronometer, match counter, penalties cards, passivities cards, priority. 
    • Control via infrared remote control (supplied) or free Android app for smartphones and tablets. Possibility of mirroring on a large TV screen.
    • Master-Slave connection among devices via cable or wireless (Bluetooth). 
    • Powered via a USB power supply (provided with the product) or a common Power Bank.
    • Patented, innovative electric insulating system for the weapons’ circuit to ensure maximum security. 
    • VESA standard to attach the apparatus to wall or ceiling VESA mounts and floor standing supports easily available in the market. 
    • Shock-resistant case with transparent, polycarbonate front piece.
    • Warranty: 2 years.

    • FIE certified multifunctional fencing apparatus.
    • Excellent visualization of lights signalling hits along the whole fencing strip thanks to the lights’ prism shape.
    • Hits counter: height of the digits 7cm, legible up to 25-30m.
    • Chronometer and match counter: height of the digits 55 mm, legible up to 20-25m.
    • Passivity cards (blue LEDs),  penalty cards (yellow and red LEDs) and priority (white LEDs).
    • Sturdy infrared remote control provided. Its lithium-ion battery can be recharged with a common smartphone charger with a micro USB connector. Charge lasts about 300 competition hours.
    • Patented, innovative system for the electrical insulation of the connection circuits to the fencers and the strip. It avoids any electrical risk for the fencers if, due to human errors, the mains voltage enters the power cable or the serial data connections.
    • Master-Slave Mode. A FA-15 configured as “master” can be connected to other FA-15 configured as “slave” and performing as data repeaters. The connection can be via cable thanks to three "Serial Data" ports. This also allows for the connection of the “master” FA-15 to other devices such as the FA-07 and Full-Arm-05/Repeaters.
    • A wireless Master-Slave mode can happen more easily among FA-15 via Bluetooth (up to 3 “slave” devices at a time).
    • Free “Favero FA-15” app available for Android (smartphone/tablet). 
    • It allows to: 
    • Use the smartphone/tablet as remote control (useful if the one provided cannot be used or is not available).
    • Use the smartphone/tablet as repeater. You can also mirror data on a large TV screen.
    • Perform tests on the apparatus to easily identify any connection problems related to the weapons’ electric circuits. 
    • Make a Log of the last commands and hits that have taken place.
    • Update the software, etc.
    • Powered by a common USB power supply (provided).
    • It can also be battery-powered with a common Power Bank. The very low power consumption allows to supply the FA-15 for about 25 hours with a common 20Ah Power Bank. 
    • The Power Bank can also be applied to the back of the device with the provided VELCRO® adhesive. This allows to freely move the FA-15 around.
    • Robust case with polycarbonate front part. 1m drop resistant (EN 62368-1 standard). Resistant to the weapons’ hits.
    • 100x100 VESA standard to easily mount the FA-15 on walls, ceilings, and floor supports. The FA-15 is entirely controlled by the remote control, thus it can be fixed in non-directly reachable positions.
    • Adjustable sound volume from 0 to 3. Different sounds distinguish the hits from the end of chronometer time.
    • Several functions:
    • “Épée-Training” mode to record hits in quick succession.
    • Possibility to enable automatic hits counting for épée.
    • Changing of fencers' position.
    • Break for medical assistance, etc.
    • Dimensions and weight: 35x21x8,5cm - 0,9kg.
    • Warranty: 2 years.
    • Included accessories (in both options):
    • Art.938-12 Infrared remote control for FA-15.
    • Art.0060-0124 Power supply unit, 90-240V/USB 2A with set of 4 plugs (EU, US, UK, AU)

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FA-15 Billboard

FA-15 Billboard

F.I.E. electronic signalling units and recording apparatures for fencing 3 weapons.

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