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Satellite Antenna V8100N

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With DVBS2 FullHD 4K system, they allow viewing of 4K channels on enabled decoders. They are built to offer exceptional signal reception performance and reduced energy consumption.

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Set composed by a Harken Access Manual 500 winch, a 10-hole BigRig plate and a stainless steel mobile jaw which allows the system to be mounted on tubular structures with a diameter from 48 to 50 mm (a minimum resistance of 12 kN is required), on the 4D POLE and on the CEVEDALE tripods series.

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ROPHOO fencing shoes


ROPHOO fencing shoes.

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Special heel design

As we all know, a common discomfort in fencing is pain in the forefoot and heel. Sometimes it is so painful that you don't want to practice. Can it be prevented beforehand? For this reason, our fencing shoes use a special heel design. Its function is to prevent your heel from flattening during the lunge, so that your forefoot and heel will be more comfortable when you are fencing.

Function details:

The heel of the shoes is shock-absorbing, wear-resistant and stable.
  • The sole of the shoes provides friction in all directions.
  • It is wear-resistant and provides support for the ball of the foot.
  • The transparent layer in the middle of the sole uses TPU material as part of the torsion system, back of the foot is moved back and forth to prevent injury or discomfort to the arch of the foot.
  • The sole has two layers of protection to ensure that it does not slide in any direction when you land.
  • The mid part supports the ankle firmly like a hand so that the front of the foot does not swing when it lands. 

Inside: High-strength non scratch leather adheres to water-based PU
Upper: KPU soft plastic is applied to the breathable and resistant fabric.
KPU is the latest high-tech material Shock-absorbing insoles:
E-TPU material shock absorption insole, it has a good support for the foot.

Non scratch construction made up of natural rubber with TPU for torsion system making it a durable fencing shoe.

The new high-tech material KPU upper provides great breathability during training and in competition.

E-TPU insole is cushioned for superior comfort, shock-absorption. Suitable for beginners and experienced fencers.

Testing data: MD: 62C / RB: 69A / DIN: 70.

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ROPHOO fencing shoes

ROPHOO fencing shoes

ROPHOO fencing shoes.

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