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The TEUFELBERGER TREEMOTION EVO treeclimbing harness is the evolution of the well-known TREEMOTION. Fully adjustable, it features an innovative double bridge with new rings.

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Since its initial launch in 2007, our treeMOTION has convinced arborists of its quality.


  • more comfort due to a great range of movement;
  • individual gear loops;
  • great work positioning convenience and improved distribution of loads, as well as the use of premium quality materials. 

It has meanwhile become one of the most popular climbing harnesses in the world of tree care. In spite of that, it has been our aim to further improve treeMOTION, also by incorporating user feedback in the development.

The PPE-approved rear tie-in attachment option according to EN 358 serves mainly as a retaining feature if the user is working bent over forward in the tree. In addition, the treeMOTION was tested for a total load of 120 kg, instead of only 100 kg.

This allows climbers to safely carry more gear, if needed.

Provided with new UV resistant seams, the treeMOTION also withstands the intense solar radiation prevailing in Australia.

For the safety of climbers, we arranged a stitched seam at both ends of the rope bridge in order to ensure that the rope ends are long enough beyond the knot.

Furthermore, the use of the DMM Axis Swivel S on the rope bridge instead of the ring was tested.

At the request of many, the Comfort Back Padding has become a standard part of the treeMOTION.

This padding has wide flexible grooves that support the dissipation of heat and allow the padding to rest snugly against the wearer’s body without creases.

The central part of the padding is specifically designed for the lumbar region and provides additional support.

The treeMOTION impresses with the high strength textile/plastic mixture used, top-notch hardware and exchangeable wearing parts.

Due to these exchangeable wearing parts the full service life of the harness can be optimally utilized.

The following parts can be exchanged:

  • Rope bridge; Hip-leg connection; 
  • Comfort Back Padding; 
  • Left and right leg loops; Leg padding; 
  • Gear loops; 
  • Our treeMOTION can be enhanced by a suitable shoulder strap. 

Important information:
"Rinse the buckle with lukewarm water after every use. After drying put one drop of WD40 on each moving / movable part of the buckle." AustriAlpin.


  • Weight: 2500 gr;
  • Certificazioni CE EN813:2008, EN358:1999;
  • Hip circumference: from 76 to 105 cm;
  • Leg circumference: from 52 to 66 cm;
  • Max rated load: 120 Kg
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Manuale istruzioni TREEMOTION EVO

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