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Brand: KONG


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Bipod KONG GRIZZLY, used as a component of a retrieval system,  allows lifting and lowering of loads.

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Reference: 95205N002KK

Brand: KONG

Work Glove SKIN Gloves

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Recommended for: Metal structures, Rope Access, Confined spaces, Portable stairs and elevating platforms, Cableway evacuation, Roof and inclined planes, Mountain rescue, Firebrigades and civil protection, Helirescue, Tactical.

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Brand: KONG

Work Glove PRO Gloves

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Strong leather gloves conceived for belay and double rope use, they combine the strength of a work glove with the precision and sensitivity of a thin glove.

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Brand: CAMP


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The best choice for all-around gloves that will be used to handle ropes, grab rungs or even grip rocks in wet conditions.

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