39Sport was born in 2014 from an idea of ​​Mauro Oltolini proposing itself on the fencing market as the official Italian distributor of the FWF.

At the same time he develops his own clothing line for fencing with the name "ALFAFENCING" which is marketed in Italy by the Decathlon group.

In a short time, consolidating its position in the sector, the range of products is expanding, new business proposals are born, offering its customers a wide variety of choices.

In 2017 the figure of Gian Luca Guglielmelli enters the field; together they idealize, and later realize, a new role for the 39Sport.

Embrace different sports with the aim of offering cutting-edge equipment and materials, an eye to quality and, above all, to "Made in Italy" without ever neglecting the customer who will always be the focus:

listening, advising and offering our experience and competence.

September 2018, thanks to the commitment and tenacity of the two traveling companions, sees the birth of the e-commerce site of the 39Sport, an important milestone that is also the starting point of a new and exciting journey before the next milestone ...

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